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About Us

About us

Dear friends,
Welcome to the Web Site of ASTOR Company!

We hope you will find plenty of useful information here and learn more about our Company.
ASTOR is a research and production company set up in 1995.

One of the priorities of the company is development of the state-of-the-art technologies for production of ozone-friendly refrigerants and unique technologies of synthesis of high purity fluorine-containing gases for the semiconductor industry.

ASTOR produces refrigerants and gases for microelectronics and deals with fine purification of fluorine-containing gases.
The research and production sections of our company are equipped with the most up-to-date analytical devices that allow to meet specific requirements for refrigerants and high-quality electronic gases.

With its powerful scientific potential and own production facilities, ASTOR has become the biggest refrigerants supplier in northwestern Russia. Our customers are mostly Russian and foreign manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, assembling and servicing companies dealing with refrigeration engineering and air conditioning.

Among our partners are well-known Russian firms such as AECC (Angarsk), RSC "Applied Chemistry" (St. Petersburg), Halogen (Perm), Kaustik (Volgograd), and others, as well as the world leaders in production of ozone-friendly refrigerants like DuPont, Atofina and others.
We are monitoring and analyzing the market of refrigerants and electronic gases to offer our customers the products with best price-quality ratios.
We provide information and technical support for our customers. We offer all consulting services free of charge.

We believe that you will find a reliable customer-oriented partner in ASTOR.

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